FIEF Institute

FIEF Institute


In these days of technological development, learning is not complete without computer literacy. Computer knowledge today is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Going by the trends the definition of illiterate may soon be extended to include anybody who is not computer literate. That is to say, that the importance of computer in our day to day activities cannot be relegated to the background. It has also been observed that the use of computer cut across all spheres of human endeavor and those who are not computer literate will eventually lose out. This means that they can no longer fit into the main stream of events.

Management is said to be the key to the world problems. Managerial skill cannot be emphasized unless it is acquired .As such, for an effective control and organization of work of any company/organization and its entire workforce, proper management training must not be compromised.

Again, the increasing complexity of the office has now brought about a considerable overlap between the work of one department of a company and another or even between firms. This in turn has led to increased specialization and whilst there is doubt that a broad based curriculum needs to be followed in the early months of a secretarial course, most secretaries find that specialist skills can help further their careers as they deepen their knowledge of their chosen subjects.

All these are challenges posed to us and on this, FIEF Management conceived the idea of building an institute that can meet these challenges. To achieve these aims, we have gone beyond profit making to training men, women and children in this aspect. Not only that, we have also made practical experience our watchword.

To achieve all these laudable objectives, we have acquired lots of sophisticated computer systems, latest software programs , internet, web designing and engineering .

Our staff skills have been developed to meet these demands. All these and other facilities are geared toward professional excellence in the field of computer. We are also manufacturer’s representative of computer supply and maintenance .

In every establishment, there must be a mission and vision statement. In FIEF, our goal is to produce people who have the knowledge of computer and secretarial abilities. Since inception, suffice it to say that we have not derailed.

Hence FIEF Institute of Computers, Management and Secretarial Studies is the place.

Our Motto remains: READ To LEAD.